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First Company is the best company in the field of constructing dancing fountains of all kinds and sizes. We also specialize in water quality and implement swimming pools and waterfalls for villas, palaces, gardens, clubs, and public places.

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Swimming Pools Constructions

Overflow  Swimming pool 

It is a model of a swimming pool topped by a waterway to return water. We have a closed-cycle system by taking out water from the lower holes that fill the pool, then it overflows into the course surrounding the pool on all four sides, two sides or three sides, depending on the design and the location of the pool, then the water returns from the stream to the balancing tank The pumps draw water from the tank to filter metal and sand to remove dust and impurities, and then return it to the swimming pool again.

Horizon Swimming pool 

It is a swimming pool model that ends with a lower course on two, three, or four sides of the entire perimeter of the swimming pool. It stops smoothly in the ocean stream of the body to the bottom. All of this passes through a filter that absorbs the impurities from the water and then expels them to the general aquarium through a diversion process with the filtered sand filter.

 skimmer Swimming pool

It is a periodic filtration system for swimming pool water by sloshing the water pumps from the intake skimmer on top of the bathroom surface, then pumping it with the sand filter and then into the swimming pool from opposite sides of the skimmer with a closed cycle system of water agitation.

Fountains Constructions

Dancing musical fountains (interactive)

A dancing fountain is a group of inns or water outlets that are connected by opening and closing the pumps with different programs and another system that is controlled through commands from the control panel in a pre-determined order and placed in the programming, through a level for each sound level or a certain tone and linking the lighting with music via DMX system to match different tones and pitches.
Another system through which the inn is moved to the left and right is controlled by a slow motion system and with a 12 and 24 volt motor, a water-resistant system of 90 and 360 in all directions, and it is controlled by a program linked to the hostel and the sound to give the suggestion of swaying and different directions to give stunning and wonderful views, which is a primary goal to attract the public and customers now in Commercial, service and entertainment places.

Moving fountains

The moving fountain is a water outlet that is controlled through pumps or valves linked to the control panel with preset programs at a certain speed and different directions to give the illusion of dancing with the interaction of the sound and accompanying the lighting with beautiful colors of various degrees.

Regular (fixed) fountains

It is a system of water pumps that pump water continuously at different, fixed heights, that have a specific shape, whether it is a gradient, arc, or flow, and 12 volt lighting is placed, whether colors, swelling, white or without lighting, depending on the location

Waterfalls Constructions

Rocky Waterfalls

It is a conglomerate of metal structures with a metal forming system with iron and wire mesh, and a cement layer is made on it with a certain thickness and a certain tactic, Han and insulation materials, and colors that suggest rocky and stone shapes, and a water system in the closed cycle that comes out from the upper places of the waterfall and falls to the bottom.

Wall Waterfalls

The wall waterfall is a wall building, topped by a waterfall ruler that pumps water from top to bottom on the wall or in front of it through a submersible pump with a closed cycle system, and the finishes are of marble, mica, or azmaldo types of swimming pool

Glide Waterfalls

The streamlined waterfall is a longitudinal stainless steel unit with specific holes of different sizes according to the size and is connected to the smooth output of water through a submersible pumping pump with a closed cycle system.

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